About Us

DSLX.NET has been serving South Florida for over 18 years. Located in Coral Springs Florida since 1999,  DSLX.NET was a pioneer in Cyber Security, DSL and Voice Over IP (VoIP) Telephone Systems.

DSLX.NET offers Managed Cyber Security Services, Gigabit Fiber, WiFi and VoIP service for Businesses,  Healthcare,  Schools , and Communities throughout South Florida.

We are proud partners with Delta and United Airlines to provide Airport WiFi service in many cities in the U.S.

DSLX.NET provides a turn-key fully-managed solution for their customers including Cyber Security, Fiber-Optic Internet service and VoIP.


Our network core located in the Verizon/Terremark NOTA in Miami, provides our customers with unprecedented speed and reliability with direct connections to most major websites and providers.